Friday, 27 January 2012


"Perth Breakfast Paddles" banned by US Military as militant extremism! Our Hawaiian correspondent Aussie Geoff (supplier of wholesome Gorilla Biscuits to the U.S. Armed Forces) reported that when he attempted to check out the latest, the Navy and Marine Corp Internet had blacklisted the site, quoting 'militancy' and 'extremism'. Obviously outraged by this slight, Aussie Geoff was later seen calming down at a no-waiting-period Christian fundamentalist gunshop purchasing a belt-fed heavy-calibre weapon with 'Praise the Lord' engraved on the barrel. Apparently it was for 'home protection'...

In other news an Al Qaeda terrorist killed in Afghanistan has been found with a copy of the Eggs Benny index in his pocket...

I thought I was just writing about hungry paddlers, not causing the downfall of Western civilisation.

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  1. Wow. If this is militant extremism, I wonder what really gets under their skin? Would hate for you to be water-boarded for falsely implying a favoured establishments hollandaise was not up to scratch.

    Mind you, images of Mr T and glad-wrapped moggies is faintly disturbing and possibly warrants censure. But from the US military?